Mark your calendars now!
UTA Conference 2017
January 12-14
St. George

(This is an update from an earlier post. Make sure you have the correct dates!)

For nearly forty years, the Utah Theatre Association has supported and encouraged educational theatre in the state of Utah by producing an annual theatre conference. This website provides all of the information you need to register and prepare yourself or your school for the conference. If you need any help, please contact one of the board members or email us at

To see what some of the participants learned at previous year’s conferences, check out the hashtag #utalessons on Instagram!
Congratulations to the following students who won an award from UTA! These participants will be receiving a letter in the mail. Be aware that any University scholarships will come directly from the Universities.

Acting Awards
$500- Mina Sadoon
$250- Abigail Maxwell
$150- Dallin Hendry
$150- Aiden Croft
$150- Travis Lemon
$150- KC Fralic
$150- Blake Hedges
$150- McKenna Newman
$150- Madison Archibald
$150- Whitney Call

Oasis Technical Award
$1,500- Bridgette Leman from Northridge High

Theatre Arts Awards
$300- Mykel Hall from Cottonwood High
$200- Colby Avis from Fremont High
$200- Angel Herrera from Granger High
$200- Emily McDonald from Spanish Fork

Playwriting Awards
The Pessimistic Optimist by Naomi Wyatt from Cedar High
The Inflated Egos: The Greatest Band That Almost Never Was by Nickolas Hofheins from Cedar High
Interest Rates May Vary by Miranda Maurin from Pioneer High