This page will be updated with different links and documents to help you prepare for the 2018 conference as they become available.

High School Group Registration Costs
$90 per student
$45 per chaperone
Teacher registration is free

Junior High One-day Group Registration Costs
$40 per student
$25 per chaperone

Individual Registration Costs
$90 for a student
$90 for an educator not bringing students
$40 for a single day registration

The following documents were from the 2017 Conference that can be used for your reference.

2017 Schedule-at-a-Glance
This abbreviated 2017 conference schedule will give you an outline of the events happening Thursday-Saturday. Updated January 8

This page has the information for both students and teachers about how to audition or interview for an acting or theatre arts scholarship at the conference.

Playwriting Festival
This page has all of the details of how to submit an original play to the playwriting festival.

Guest Artist
This page outlines our special guest artists who will be joining us at the conference.

Colleges, Universities and Exhibitors
This page has a list of all of the colleges, universities and exhibitors who will be coming to the conference.

The 2017 Prompter Newsletter

This infographic will give you some basic information about the conference. Most schools should have received this in the mail. If you did not receive one in the mail and you would like to in the future, please let us know at

Contact Us
If you have any questions, this page has contact information for all of the UTA board members and University Representatives.