Acting Audition Callback List

PLEASE NOTE- The University of Great Falls had a second page of callbacks that accidentally was left off the original list. These students have also been called back for The University of Great Falls:
Zac Thorn
Sophie Hill
Shaylynn Swenson
Lily Thomas
Kimberly Vigil
Braedon Lamoreaux
Ashley Gross
Jacob Leads
Cameron Lundgreen
Austin Baum
Andrea Jimenez
Mekenzie Daview
Sally Smolka
Lyndsie Leavitt
Riley Conover
Jaden Garn
Kristina Carter
Kaylie Walker
Ian Wellisch
Weston Murdock

Theatre Arts Scholarship Callbacks

See the appropriate link below for more information:

Teachers and Educators


For the acting auditions, please adhere to the following steps for the acting scholarship screenings.

1-Check your audition time slot (Scholarship Audition Times)
2-Be sure to sign in via google form on this website Friday morning 10 minutes before your audition (Audition Sign-in Form)
3-Arrive at the audition room (Dixie Center Sunbrooke A)
4- Check in with Andy Hunsaker and DSU volunteers outside the Sunbrooke A in the Dixie Center
*It is recommended that you find a space to warm up in prior to arrival
5-If you are singing at your audition, be sure that you have your sheet music in a small 3 ring binder or on cardstock in your hands ready to hand to the accompanist
6- You will be lined up “on deck” and taken into the audition room in groups of 4. You will be directed about where to sit.
8-Friday night/Saturday morning, be sure to check the “call back chat” lists (there will be a different one from each college or university)
9-Saturday morning beginning at 8:30 go to the vendor/exhibitor area and check in with each school that has requested a chat. Schedule a time to come back and talk with them in further detail.

Acting Scholarship Audition Times
This is the UPDATED list of audition times (posted January 5) for the Acting Scholarship auditions. If you checked your audition time before January 5, please ensure that you have the current information. Check back here later for more information about where to meet for your audition time.

Theatre Arts Scholarship Screening Presentation Times
This is the list of presentation times for the Theatre Arts Scholarships.

If you are interested in auditioning for the Open Jar Institute, please sign up here: Open Jar Institute

Congratulations to the following students who won an award from the 2016 UTA Conference!

Acting Awards
$500- Mina Sadoon
$250- Abigail Maxwell
$150- Dallin Hendry
$150- Aiden Croft
$150- Travis Lemon
$150- KC Fralic
$150- Blake Hedges
$150- McKenna Newman
$150- Madison Archibald
$150- Whitney Call

Oasis Technical Award
$1,500- Bridgette Leman from Northridge High

Theatre Arts Awards
$300- Mykel Hall from Cottonwood High
$200- Colby Avis from Fremont High
$200- Angel Herrera from Granger High
$200- Emily McDonald from Spanish Fork

Playwriting Awards
The Pessimistic Optimist by Naomi Wyatt from Cedar High
The Inflated Egos: The Greatest Band That Almost Never Was by Nickolas Hofheins from Cedar High
Interest Rates May Vary by Miranda Maurin from Pioneer High

Universities who were at the 2016 UTA Conference

The following presentation was created by one of our University Representatives to help students prepare for a successful audition.
Auditioning 101